Meet Adam, the photo geek

Hi, I'm Adam, yes that's me with the egg. (Don't ask)

I am a professional freelance photographer and marketer specializing in commercial, architectural and interior photography.

I work with businesses, families and couples throughout the North West and the rest of the UK capturing anything from corporate head shots, hotels & property for promotion on sites like and rightmove, food, families having fun and most importantly couples on their wedding day.

A little about me....well I am a film geek (epecially 80's movies and horror) and I'm also a musician specialising in 1980's hair metal.....well maybe not specialising in it! 

I hate fish.....eurgh why would you eat that stuff, I once ate scallop soup and for the entire dish my face looked like a dog chewing a toffee!

I live with my wife, son and mental cockerspaniel. I have recently adopted a baby seagull, I have named her Sandra  (I assume its a she). My wife thinks I have completely lost it when she see's me feeding her breakfast and dinner. It turns out seagulls love cocktail sausages.....who knew!

Anyway enough of my rambles, thank you for visiting my site, take a look around and please feel free to get in touch through the contact page and I will be happy to discuss your requirements.....once I have fed Sandra that is.

P.S. I am still developing the site so will keep adding content as and when I get the chance.

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Blackpool, Lancashire, UK.

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