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When I get asked what style do you approach your wedding photography I always say 'Documentary Style.'


Now you may have heard the word 'Photojournalistic' before which is exactly the same thing its just not as easy to say when eating a digestive biscuit.

I am not one for staged poses....yes if you want them on your wedding day then I am happy to accomodate, however I prefer to be hiding in the shadows, capturing candid moments has they happen. These are the shots that create memories and make your wedding album so special.

So why are you a wedding photographer?

I am very much a people person, I just find everyone very interesting...even solicitors! So to be able to hang out on your wedding day and help document all the things you get up to with your friends and family is a perfect job for me. 

Capturing those sly glances, big laughs or awkward candid moments is what I am all about at your wedding and I love it!

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